Mog Creative

Bear with me, this site is a work in progress ;)

Hello I’m Meg Taylor-Silva, sometimes Megan but mostly Meg, because when Kiwis say Megan they say Meeeeeegan. It’s not their fault, but that isn’t really my name.

I have recently completed an Honours Degree in Visual Communications at Massey University. This was basically four years of stretching my brain to its limits.  After my first year of teary phone calls to anyone who would listen, I learnt that there’s no point in getting stressed in life, you just need to figure out what needs to be done and get on with it.

My friends and family have convinced themselves that I am obsessed with cats, which has resulted in me receiving strictly cat themed birthday presents since 2010. In my spare time I like to garden, cook and DIY. I’m obsessed with trawling op shops and junk stores, my specialty is altering the clothing that I find.

I’m also interested in sustainability and design for social change. I’m a real ideas person and I believe that alot of thinking needs to go into a design, and that It’s not just about looking pretty. My main areas of interest are art direction, copywriting and marketing, but I also have Graphic design and WordPress skills.

If you need to get  hold of me to make an epic blockbuster movie about my life or any other matters email me at